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Updated: Feb 5

A few years back I started a newsletter where I shared a random list of things I love, then I opened it up to all my friends, family and Instagram friends, who shared stuff THEY loved with me, which I then also shared in the newsletter. 🔁

I stopped the newsletter because it was getting really hard to do it monthly….

But I am starting it again - this time I am going to keep the schedule random😅✌️

Cool - lets get on it then!


Mary & Wendy Recommend: Know My Name by Chanel Miller


Pair Jenette McCurdy's book with her podcast

My son loves listening to podcasts and building Lego. His fav's right now are Sound Detectives and Brains On!

Now, me and my sister couldn't find a good podcast to get into at work - so I thought a re-listen of older, classic spooky audio-drama podcasts would be fun. We started at The Black Tapes and Limetown. Anywho, there are a few with similar creators and vibes that friends & the interwebs recommended as well- I haven't listened to most of these FYI:

  1. Limetown

  2. The Black Tapes

  3. The White Vault

  4. Old Gods of Appalachia

  5. Welcome to Nightvale (one of my vaves)

  6. Alice isnt dead (re4ally need to listen to this one)

  7. Video Palace

  8. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

  9. The Magnus Archives

  10. Wolf 359

  11. NORA

  12. Rabbits

  13. TANIS

Go check out this great list from Podchaser


Seriously, what is better than friends sharing hilarious or relatable reels?



Completely immersed in learning history atm -> History Time

MUSIC (big instrumental/ambient/lofi fan here)




IF you love this idea and want to participate, send me your stuff via DM's. I'll include what I can!

Thanks & catch you on the flip side!


Trish (Wild Roots Art)

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