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Hey. Hi.

I'm an artist living in Kamloops BC, creating film and digital photography, and some delightfully strange collages. 



My photography is a big mix of genre's, but mostly I like the look of something being slightly off - the image is too bright, too grainy, too dark, too weird. I like adding this layer of otherness to my image. 

Using a camera (any type) is a wonderous way to spend time finding the beauty in the world, and to look at it in a new way, to see its beauty, or capture its feeling, and show a moment you stumbled into. 

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Nerd copy.jpg

Collage Art 

My collage art is eccentric, weird and emotional

I began my collage journey after my son was born and I experienced post-partum depression.  I was depressed and couldn't go out and do the things I love, but I could sit in front of my computer with my newborn and slowly make digital collages. 

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