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Give Your Worries a Home. 


I came across this amazing poem via On Being Podcast by Laura Villarreal called ‘My Worries Have a Home’ and fell absolutely in love with it. 


“so I built little matchstick houses

with large ceilings, a garden for them to grow

“tomatoes, cilantro, & carrots

their worry babies will eat

“but they chew on the henbit of me anyway

both my past & future entwined into disasters

“I tell them I worry about their health

that they’re not eating properly

“I mother them

the way I do anyone I love

“they ask if I love myself

I tug the sleeves of my sweater

“begin thatching a leaking roof

water their garden

at night

“I can hear them

dancing around a bonfire

“all I’ve built burned

down, a soot snowfall

“tomorrow they’ll wait for me

& I’ll reconstruct their home

anyone would do the same”

I loved it so much that I had a full discussion about it with an acquaintance, about feelings (particularly anxious thoughts, ruminations, bitterness), how we deal with them, and maybe just giving them a little home in the back of your mind - just a little space to be- in the hopes they don't take over.  

The thing in mental health is learning to zoom out, away from the feeling and just let it be, observe it, don't push it away or down or obsess, but just sit with it. And this idea of picturing all these little worries floating around a grounded, safe, magical space seems to help lessen the blow of them. 

Once drawn out as little ghosts and blobs, they feel a little lighter, less substantial. Let them live and die then feed new growth in the Backcountry of my mind. 


Thanks for stopping by - catch you on the flip side✌️

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