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Film & Digital Photography

I have taken millions of images over the past decade+ , so below are just some of the highlights. Otherwise follow me on Instagram or peruse my Flickr site to see all images. 

Purchase Prints

These prints are more than just images; they're stories of life, urbanism, nature, and the raw beauty hidden in every corner. Each print is a unique piece of art, ready to add to your homes character and spark conversation. 

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Head to my Flickr collection of Urban Images, grouped into themes, specific walks, or film used. 


Ongoing series of all the wonderful things my son finds and shows me <3

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Grandview Motel copy.jpg


Ongoing project of one of my favorite places in the whole world - my West End neighbourhood in Kamloops B.C.  I don't know what the end game is hear, but I LOVE sussing out the cool little things in neighbourhoods; people, places, etc. that happen in this neighbourhood. 


This is an ongoing series surrounding City Parks.  I have a deep interest in urbanism, architecture, park structures and layouts, and how we blend green spaces into a concrete city, and its effect on the people.  I don't have a fully fleshed idea here, but enjoy visiting these spaces as an avid walker, an urbanite, a mother, and dog owner - so I use these spaces a lot and photograph them a lot. 

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