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*NEW* Photography Prints at the Kamloops Artisans Bazaar

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

All new photographic prints now at the @kamloopsartisansbazaar !

I just went down and swapped out all my collage artwork for all my *new* photography images printed on 13x19 gallery paper.

⚡AND I brought a handful of cards, some for everyday life, some with a wintery vibe🎁

These prints are more than just images; they're stories of life, urbanism, nature, and the raw beauty hidden in every corner.

Each print is a unique piece of art, printed here in Kamloops BC just for the @kamloopsartisansbazaar and is the perfect piece for your home or office to spark conversation about your local surroundings and community.


Thanks for stopping by - catch you on the flip side✌️

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