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North Shore Art Walk

I think I'm going to head back to this closed restaurant..... Looking at the few images I took I feel like I can do better- maybe at dawn/dust or fierce midday Kamloops sun where you can really play with lighting and window reflections etc.


I Loved wandering around the North Shore and photographing this rad little mountain city we live in. ESPECIALLY with these stellar fellow artists @tintapress & @biglittlecity_photography_art

(More images to come or see what I have here)

I have so many images from the last few weeks, mostly black and white, and I feel like so far this year has been just amazing for my creative work🙌


I always get a sneaker shot of our feet standing over some cool ground cover we find along the way. Why? Because I want too. 😉


You can check out my work on Insta or full albums on Flickr.

THANKS FOR STOPING BY - Catch you on the flip side ✌️

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