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The City is Changing

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Now Selling!

A couple random street shots of the new Trillium building going up - I wish I took more shots of this building as it was fascinating watching them build it, and we photographed the old houses that were torn down or moved before this went in. So it would have been cool to have more of the full process.

Maybe it's time for a good photo walk around this area as they are throwing up stories now, and the site manager stated on the local news “This is a key milestone where things really start to become streamlined. Coming out of the ground has been a relatively fast process and now people will get to see the tower grow from 52 feet above the road to 248 feet in the next 6 months. That is just under 30 feet per month.”


Also it's such a visually vibrant and active place (I see everything through the lens of an artist ) with so many looky loos (my son and I included) that it would be amazing for street photography or sketching. 👌


Thanks for stopping by - catch you on the flip side✌️

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