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I make a lot of art around feelings, and this one is Anger. Rage. Fury.

When I'm beyond angry, it feels like I'm being mauled by a bear, but I'm both the bear and the victim.

You may agree, or maybe it's a different animal or entity (hey, make some art about it, it's really fucking helpful), or you’re like “huh wtf is she talking about”, lol. Regardless, we all do have moments, or habits, or periods where we are stuck in a space (depression, anxiety, frustration, obsession, overwhelm, fear, rage, numbness, detached, or drinking, eating, drugging too much) and it's nearly impossible to explain or work through. This is where art comes in for me.

Now, why the images I chose - parenting is fucking hard and I don't know a mother that hasn't felt rage/anger/frustration build up in them. People judge us, we judge us, kids can be super frustrating, society shoves ideals down our throats of "the perfect child", STRANGERS feel they get to comment on you and your child, old fashioned folk are still trying to sell you on 'kids should be seen not heard', and general sexism all play a (very active) part.

So I chose a light, delicate mother and child, in a sweet moment, and above them, looming like a nightmare, is the rage, the anger at it all.

Anyway, I'm not a clever writer so I'll stop here and let you do with it what you will (maybe make some art?)


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Where to buy my art📷💥

1. Kamloops Artisans Bazaar

705 Victoria Street Kamloops BC

2. Photography Prints

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If you ever see a print you would like to purchase, shoot me a DM or email me via my website contact page and I will try to help you out💃🏻

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